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Thanksgiving Leftover Pie—Best Ever!

What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers! That’s the buzz this week everywhere in the world of food. Forget about the meal itself, let’s fast forward to the day afterwards when we will create an array of tasty meals with the mounds of leftover turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing!

Stuffed Acorn Squash care of Pepperidge Farm Cookbook

In the forward of her delightful book, The Pepperidge Farm Cookbook, Margaret Ruskin writes: “Few things are more rewarding to a woman than that happy feeling she has when she knows that the food she has prepared with love and interest brings pleasure to her family, served in a setting more important than any glamorous restaurant — dinner at home!”

Happy Halloween with No Fuss Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

If there’s one thing we love in my family, it’s roasted and toasted pumpkin seeds. It’s a tasty reward for all our messy work carving pumpkins. But we’re not the ordinary salted seed family, we like to spice things up. Our two winning flavors are Jamaican Curry and Chipotle Cumin which tingle our tongues and tantalize our taste buds. It’s a bit of healthy trick or treating snack before we all get loaded up on sugar and sweets.

Breads and more breads!

There’s been a bit of quiet in my blog the last two weeks and there’s good reason. I don’t have a kitchen right now and you all know how serious a matter this is to me.

Let the Good Times Roll!

t’s back to school and the evidence is in my kitchen cooking with friends! All the rolling, crimping and freezing happens most often during the school year as my friends and I make healthy foods to serve our kids during these busy weeks.

An Appleicious and Plum Fancy Weekend of Cake Making

One friend and one cake Saturday and another friend and another cake on Sunday! If you ask me, that’s a pretty sweet way to spend the weekend. The first one, an orchard-fresh chunky apple cake and the second one, a fruit filled sugary plum cake.

Back to School Sauce!

For so many moms around my town, I’m hearing a common refrain. I’m confident to bet that it’s a national one! It goes something like this: “I’m ready for summer to end!” “Thank God school is starting!” “This is the summer that never ends!”

Restaurant Worthy Ravioli

When you’ve got a pro at the helm, cooking with friends shines in all its glory. And when it’s Lou Palma at the helm, the sunshine can be blinding it’s so glorious. Now, Debbie and I are no amateurs when it comes to making ravioli. We’re got it down pretty darn good when it’s just the two of us in a kitchen, cranking dough and filling those babies. But add Lou to the mix and it’s a whole new level of professionalism and good times.

Savor Summer in a Two-Bite Morsel

I’ve waited ten months to sink my teeth into a just-picked piece of sweet Jersey corn. And I have to say it’s been worth the wait. There’s few culinary pleasures (at least for me) which match the delightful pleasure which comes with that sugary and explosive squirt which comes as I bite into a sweet and salted buttery cob of corn.

Jamaican Veggie Fritters

Some leftover veggies from an Asian class I taught Monday night in Westfield, coupled with the incentive to get creative for my vegetarian daughter, were the motivation for my latest veggie based creation. I’m a meatball and patty crazed cook, so whenever I see chopped anything, I start by tossing everything into a big bowl and just started mixing and adding various flavors.