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Passover Pleasures

A decadent pleasure of Passover is licking sweetened condensed milk right out of the can. Since my macaroon recipe uses only 2/3 of a cup, I’ve got plenty of leftovers for my fingers.

Chopped Contestant (Well Sort of)

Lights, camera, action! I can finally share this remarkably fun experience I had as a contestant in a commercial for the Food Network show Chopped and the food company Hillshire Farm where we re-created what it would be like to be a contestant on the actual show Chopped.

Spring in a Bowl

That’s what Suzy named the delightful fennel salad we created for lunch the other day. With several feet of snow piled outside the windows, we sat down to enjoy a light and lemony lunch.

Do it Yourself Sea Salted Caramels

I’ve had many firsts but making homemade sea salted caramel is probably my favorite. For starters, salted caramels are at the very top of my culinary list.

In Response to “The Eavesdropper” by Megan Garber

I’m living like most in the “alone together” world that Sherry Turkle writes about in her new book “Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other” Megan Garber describes in her recent article in the January/February edition of the Atlantic Monthly. I’ve got two out of my three kids entrenched in an electronic world, one in which cell phones almost seem like appendages to their physical bodies.

Root Vegetable Pot Pie

What’s your ideal comfort food? To me, it’s something creamy, flavorful, filling and has a crispy component. Hello friends! It’s not only soup making season around here but the chilly weather beckons for savory pies.

Hodgepodge Veggie Soup

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was soup making season here at Cooking With Friends and that continued as Jackie and I made two kinds of soup yesterday – a loaded with leeks potato leek soup and a hodgepodge veggie soup.

Have a “Souper” New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! With temps close to freezing, it’s a pretty cold and shocking way to start of the year! Brrr! There’s no better reason to hunker down and stay inside cooking and baking, especially in the company of friends. And, if there’s ever a need for a soup season, now’s the time!

Holiday Heaven and Colorful Chewy Sugar Cookies

With a few inches of freshly fallen snow, the kids had just put in a good hour and a half of sledding before getting to Debbie’s house for some Gingerbread and cookie decorating fun. Debbie, Jackie and I got to work immediately making various holiday cookies to give as gifts to teachers and neighbors in the upcoming week, while our kids diligently decorated their Gingerbread houses.

Fresh is Best at The New York Produce Show

“A produce show? Really mom?” That’s what my 16 year old exclaimed when he found out how excited I was to be attending the NY Produce show.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

Celebrate the holiday season with a classic menu highlighting traditional tastes, simple preparations, and festive fare.

Travel Smart: Designed to Death

Gourmet's travel editor thinks hotel decor should not be hazardous to your health.

Restaurants Now: Ellerbe Fine Foods

(Fort Worth, TX) - A Shreveport chef brings a touch of elegance—and Cajun moxie—to the edge of cow country.

Extreme Frugality: Well, Nobody's Perfect

The zero-spending game is called on account of soccer ... and foraging for wild edibles.

Our Pumpkin Picks

This Halloween, forget the jack-o-lantern and turn your pumpkin into one of these comforting fall dishes, from rolls to rice pudding.

How to Say No

We've encouraged our daughter to eat anything that pleases her. We never thought about how to set limits.

How Robert Bresson Taught Me To Cook

Chip Brantley, author of the book The Perfect Fruit: Good Breeding, Bad Seeds and the Hunt for the Elusive Pluot and co-founder of cookthink.com, explains what the difficult French filmmaker showed him about the art of cooking.

Grant Achatz Goes to Austria

Like a small museum with ever changing galleries, the progressive and very modern restaurant Ikarus showcases the world's best talent, one chef at a time.

Restaurants Now: Tavern Law

(Seattle) - Pouring everything from fizzes to flips, this brand-new speakeasy keeps the focus on good, old-fashioned liquids.

My Day on a Plate: Debi Mazar

From Goodfellas to good food. The actress, mother, and current Dancing with the Stars hoofer has a new website, Under the Tuscan Gun, where she dishes out her favorite traditional Italian recipes, ingredients, and anecdotes.